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Computers, software, printers, servers, firewalls, VIRUSES - for most business owners, these are words that generate fear, anger, pain, or disgust. Now is the time to make technology work for you, not against you. The fact of the matter is that there is no universal solution. Many IT groups will follow a generic template that includes many thousands of dollars of equipment, licensing, managed services, and account management fees. A customized approach to your specific workflow and business needs will not only save you money, it will increase your overall efficiency. E T Friedman Consulting provides expert evaluation of your workflow and business technology needs as well as fast, accurate, and affordable support for technology that you have in production. One of the core principles of our organization is to integrate staff and administrators of our clients' businesses with their technology. This creates a greater level of comfort among users as well as fewer service calls and loss of productivity.

Some IT companies hide the "keys" of technology from their clients. We do the opposite. Our integrative approach includes training for users beyond basic operation of their computers and programs. This increases user confidence and provides for faster resolutions to technology issues. The expert consultants at E T Friedman Consulting are available to help when moderate to severe issues arise. But, as always, transparent solutions are shared with our clients and users are encouraged to be part of the process.

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