When considering your options for external IT support for your business, one fundamental questions is, “Do I need Managed or Reactive services?”

Managed Services typically means that the IT company will provide ongoing IT support for your business or organization, including monitoring for viruses, patching security holes, updating software and hardware, or general maintained for your computers, servers, and network. This type of service is very effective for larger organizations (25+ employees). Generally, in the Charleston area, you will pay a monthly fee equivalent to $90-$125 per user per month with an annual contract obligation. Every person that touches any of your systems is considered a user.

While Managed Services IT companies provide the most comprehensive coverage, the economics don’t make sense for every business or organization – especially those with fewer than 25 employees. For example, if a company with 12 employees needs external IT services, a Managed Services company would charge about $100/employee per month. In this case, the company is paying $1,200.00 every month with an annual liability of $14,400.00 regardless if any service calls are made or not. The alternative to Managed Services is Reactive Service.

Reactive Service, otherwise knows as “break-and-fix” service, means that your business or organization relies on antivirus software and automatic software updates for ongoing protection and never pay a dime for IT services until something stops working. E T Friedman Consulting offers Reactive IT Services that cover anything that breaks, works less perfectly, or needs to be added to a business or organization’s IT environment. The advantage of Reactive IT Service is that you only pay when you use the services needed to repair, replace, or deploy IT systems. You make zero monthly payments and are not obligated to expensive annual contracts.

If you would like to learn more about how E T Friedman Consulting can provide you with excellent Reactive IT Services, please contact us today.

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    This is such a great article! Thank you for putting all of this in one easy to follow article. I am going to link this to my business Facebook page to share with others.


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