There is a great parable about the thought process of IT professionals. It goes something like this:

Four engineers get in a car. The car won’t start.
The Mechanical Engineer says: “It’s a broken starter”
The Electrical engineer says: “Dead battery”
The Chemical engineer says: “Impurities in the gasoline”
The IT engineer says: “Hey guys, I have an idea. How about we all get out of the car and get back in”

The moral of the joke is that, in the IT world, a system reboot is the fastest, simplest, and usually most efficient way to fix small issues. Slowness, non-functioning usb peripherals, issues with printing – these can quickly fixed with a reboot of the computer. A system reboot will not fix a critical error, but it will get you back to work in may cases. Don’t under estimate a quick restart of the machine.

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